Teaser hints BlackBerry might exhibit all-black KEYone at IFA


BlackBerry has launched a brief advert video clip throughout their social networking channels. The video clip emphasizes primarily on two factors the KEYone name and black shade. The 15-second video clip concludes with a mention of IFA Berlin. So it is now clear that they may have something exclusive to introduce at IFA in Berlin on September 16. This video, in fact, is just a teaser as it delivers nothing in terms of a gadget. However one of the things that really get noticed on the teaser is color. The whole video, from start to end highlights black shades. Thus we can consider it as a solid hint that the full-black KEYone edition will likely be demonstrated at the IFA Berlin event.


More about BlackBerry KEYone Indian edition:

BlackBerry KEYone variant that was launched in India recently holds a price range of around Rs.39, 990. Apart from color, the other changes the variant incorporates is improved memory configuration – 4GB/64GB as a substitute to the normal 3GB/32GB. As we know the major appeal of this handset is its own physical keyboard. Looking at the design of the phone it got rounded bottom, flat top and the front glass got a sloping edge on sides.

We came to know that BlackBerry started to licenses their brand as well as their software to some other firms recently. TCL – which carries the legal rights for many of the global market except India, Indonesia, and a few other Asian sectors where the company continues to be renowned – introduced their first Blackberry smart phone product, the KEYone. The legal rights in India have been obtained by Optiemus Infracom. Optiemus Infracom is not a well-known firm, but they bear plenty of track record in the Indian mobile phone market. They also manage the Univercell retail string together with Zen brand of phones.

Optiemus Infracom is currently offering altered version of KEYone in India. The initial few batches of the product were made and imported by TCL. However, TCL in partnership with Taiwan based Wistron Corporation to raise a unique model and production sites in India in the near future.

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