Android O Will Get Bluetooth In-band Ringtones Support


At last, Google decided to add the support for Bluetooth In-Band Ringtones on the Android version O(8.0), means one more new feature in the list to count on upcoming Android update. It is a feature that iPhones users have been enjoying for years and is finally made available in android. Thanks to Google. With this feature, your handset will get the ability to display the battery level of accessories and in the scenario of Bluetooth headphones, it will hold in-band ringtones. So the next question comes up in your mind might be about in-band ring tone. It is part of Bluetooth Wireless Unit feature which permits your Bluetooth headphones to ring with any ringtone you’ve set up to your handset. Hence with this new feature, you won’t have to hear the pre-defined beeping noise that your Bluetooth device renders whenever you receive a phone call. As Android O release closing in we will try our best to get you new updates on it.


More about Android O:

Upcoming Android Version 8.0 codenamed as Android O was initially launched just like an alpha quality developer preview on the month of March 21, 2017.This preview made available for Nexus and Pixel series Android phones. On May 17 beta quality the second preview was released and on June 8 the third preview was launched. The fourth preview was launched with patches on system behavior and bug fixation on July 24, 2017.

As we know with Android Nougat Google asked to put forward names for Android N was open to the public in 2016. It looks like we got the exact same situation for Android O. By now plenty of inter webbers vocal in their support for the name Android Oreo. The name Android Oatmeal Cookie is also a strong contender in the list. There is also a chance that Google might possibly delight us by completely adopting their holier-than-thou Californian origins and also dub its latest OS Android Orange.

On the event of I/O keynote conference, Google stated that ‘Android O’ might arrive later on this summer. We know it is the very same time period which ‘Android N’ released a year ago. So we keep waiting our fingers crossed and expecting the arrival of the finalized version 8.0 soon. Hope they will launch a final version at least for Pixel before the end of August.

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