Google Camera app’s Latest update to brings in Selfie Flash


The whole new update of Google camera app rolled out with Interesting features. This new version 4.4 brings in major changes to the app and the key modification is Selfie Flash option which is targeted at enhancing your low-light selfies.  As we know the majority of handsets don’t have a built in flash in selfie camera. This new version of Google camera will solve this problem by putting in a manila-toned slab right as your selfie is captured. This idea is meant to add little bit more light in dimmer settings.

To use this Selfie flash all you have to do is put the camera in front facing mode, tap on the flash icon and set it automatic or on. When it is enabled you will see the screen coated in a pale sandy fawn color mimic flash. The main purpose of this function is to illuminate your selfie with a nice tone instead of a frigid flash of vibrant white light. After you shot a picture It will require one extra second to produce your selfie, so don’t forget to hold your hand steady until the picture is fully delivered.

Well, this selfie flash is not only the feature which comes along with this 4.4 update. There are also certain other features included as well, such as swipe to switch between capturing video clip and still pictures, double tap zoom etc.

Sorry guys I forget to mention something which I must point out in the beginning of this post. As stated by Google You can upgrade this latest 4.4 version only if you got Google Nexus and Google Pixel devices running Android Nougat version 7.1.1. If you won’t have Pixels/Nexus phone, don’t worry hope Google will roll out an update including other android phones in near future. You can also share this news with your friends who have those handsets.

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