Motion Stills App from Google Now Available for Android


There is a newly founded Google research app named Motion Stills, Which allows you to record small video clips and then change these clips into stunning cinematography or even sweeping cinematic pans with the help of improved stabilization and rendering technology.

Google had launched this awesome app which allows iOS users to stabilize the iPhone’s Live Pictures which requires a very short video clip before and after any picture is captured with a purpose to relive its occasion a year ago and the happy news is it is now readily available for Android users as well. Motion Stills won’t allow you to import pre-existing clips to include them for stabilization, however it does help you generate up to one-minute longer time lapses which are known as “fast-forwards” whereas the app’s primary three-second animations are referred to as “Motion Stills”.

IMAGE SOURCE: Google blog

Motions Stills, as well as Fast Forwards, are stabilized instantly and collectively. With this function, you don’t have to waste your time for the animation to process after taking a video clip. By the means of low-resolution texture map, Google’s algorithm computes the appropriate stabilization needed. So as a user all you have to do is open the app from your phone touch the record button, the app will do the rest of the job. Thus you will get the sleek consistent animation soon after it’s completed.

You can simply swipe up in the viewfinder to check your Motion Stills. These Motion Stills can also be shared with your buddies and mates. In addition to it, you’ll also have the choice to save it as a GIF or a short Video clip. Furthermore to add this stills to your timeline all you have to do is swipe a Motion Still to the right side. You can also put together more of your still to a montage of categories. If you want to try this app the play store link is given below. You can also scan QR code and jump directly to the app on your phone. If you already have this app then share your experience on below comment section.


IMAGE SOURCE: Googleblog

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