Researchers Claim Facebook and WhatsApp May Put User Information Vulnerable


You may already be heard about the end-to-end encryption procedures adopted by a well known messaging platform like Viber, Whats app and Facebook. Did you really believe this encryption method will protect your sensitive information from vulnerability? A Group of researchers from Brigham Young University (United States) says it won’t. They claimed that these well-known messaging platforms are exposing themselves to hackers. This is because of their ignorance about the crucial security feature like an ‘authentication ceremony’.

So what is authentication ceremony?, It is a security process to make sure the users engaged in a conversation are genuine. It will be carried out by recognizing the message receiver before delivering any kind of fragile or secret data. But the fact is that Majority of the users are heedless about this authentication ceremony.

Research group had performed a two-phase experiment in which they impelled users to share a credit card number with another individual. They were informed regarding possible threats and persuaded to be sure their messages were sensitive. On the first phase, only 14 percent of users were able to proficiently confirm their recipient. Whereas other users preferred ad-hoc security actions such as inquiring their partners for information regarding a shared experience. In the second phase, after researchers emphasized the value of ‘authentication ceremonies’, 79 percent of users managed to efficiently verify the other party.

The majority of people do not spend the considerable effort and time to fully grasp and to utilize all these security procedures for the reason that they do not encounter substantial security troubles. However, there remains a threat all the time in online communications.

Vaziripour also stated that If they can carry out the authentication event in the background for end users instantly, Thus they can handle all these issues without necessitating user education. The researchers are now extremely making an effort to create a procedure which makes the ‘authentication ceremony’ swift and even automated.

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