Qualcomm released improved depth-sensing camera concept for Android devices


We have already witnessed infrared and depth-sensing capabilities of iPhone 8 camera. Now Qualcomm is giving Android users their chance to experience these features by introducing a brand-new Spectra camera concept. This technology will help Android phones to shoot three-dimensional pictures as well as motions instantly and then transform that files into digital form. Qualcomm also stated that it is the first time that depth sensing camera concept created for the Android Operating system.


This Qualcomm Spectra unit includes an upgraded biometric verification technology as well as high-resolution depth sensing. This is going to be helpful in numerous video recording, image, and virtual reality apps. It is an essential technological innovation that would eventually result in the creation of more advanced Android devices.

The camera unit will utilize Spectra image signal processors ( ISPs ), It also implies that we’ll soon see Android phones as well as other gadgets with the capability to detect a 3D environment and convert it into a form so that a computer system can recognize it. This modern technology will be useful to locate moving people around a self-driving car, or simply the sensors detecting the motion of someone’s fingertips while they playing a virtual piano as you can see in the video.

This video demonstrates and proves that a high-quality computer vision kit is capable of doing effective depth sensing. It is a part of first-time Computer Vision setup as well as a Premium Computer Vision kit. It also illustrates precisely how the processor managed to create a 3D graphic of hands playing piano, even with the camera capturing just from above. The cutting edge ISP utilize an Infrared camera, an RGB 16-megapixel camera, and an infrared illuminator to generate 3D graphics of the objects taken with the camera.

So the next question is, when will we get it? It looks like the next flagship device in Snapdragon platform will include Qualcomm. We can expect the following year’s flagship handsets from Samsung and other manufacturers will use these new ISPs built in with the new Snapdragon processors.

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