Beware Of ‘SonicSpy’ Malware Apps In Playstore, Infiltrate Phone Data


Here we are again with an introduction to a newly founded spyware, It is named as ‘SonicSpy’. Google recently removed a bunch of apps from play store which poses a major threat to users by infiltration of phone contacts, call logs, call recordings as well as text messages. Apps named Troy Chat, Soniac and Hulk Messenger were removed from Play store and it also had been downloaded several times. If you installed any of these malicious apps on your device, this spyware will take over your phone. Once it gets into your phone it will be able to forward messages to any contacts in the device, records audio, seize phone call history and even capture photos from handset camera.

When this spyware infected your Android it’ll be hard to identify its existence on the device as it will throw out its own launch icon to conceal on its own. As soon as it retrieves files and details from an Android device, this spyware will deliver all these collected data to a control and command server run by its developer. On the other hand, you can still find countless apps that might be affected by SonicSpy as they are offered at third party websites and stores which do not have any intense safety and security mechanisms.

Some popular security firms stated that there will be up to a whopping 4,000 Android applications that are influenced by SonicSpy. Researchers at security firms also founded a few resemblances between SonicSpy, and another group of a harmful malware named SpyNote which spotted a year ago. It is also found that this spyware is created by an Iraqi developer and out of thousands of apps created only 3(Troy Chat, Soniac and Hulk Messenger) of them managed to pass over Play Store’s security. These security firms highly recommend Android users to choose Play store to download apps and games as it holds a powerful malware-filtering procedure. With the help of the filtering process, they can easily identify and remove pre-existing applications which carry spyware trojans. They also recommend Android users to never download fresh applications on their handsets without reviewing their background in order to make sure they are not getting harmful malware.


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