Most Excited Feature of Apple iOS 11, Augmented Reality(AR)


With the launch of iOS 11, iPhone, as well as iPads, will get Augmented Reality capabilities. This is a key upgrade to Apple’s mobile OS as it shows a strong thrust all the way to increase wide open and hassle-free developer APIs. Apple has recently released iOS 11 beta 6 to developers with a few changes other than the normal performance upgrades and bug fixes. As iOS 11 is predicted to be launch in September this year, we can expect a bunch of surprising features. One of these features, the one that is overlooked by users and public will be Augmented Reality.


Augmented Reality will allow you to integrate virtual stuff and replace your real-world surroundings with it. This will take applications beyond the screen, give freedom to these apps to deal with the physical world in a completely new manner. You’ll get a better understanding after watching the ARKit demo posted on twitter by “Made With ARKit”.



About Apple ARKit:

At WWDC 2017 Conference Apple along with the introduction of iOS 11 announced the ARKit development program. This platform will help developers to apply AR capabilities into their games and applications in an easy and effective way. Moreover, it takes advantage of a technology termed as Visual-Inertial Odometry so that you can follow the world around you with your iPad or iPhone. It will help to detect the movements of your device and use it to examine a room’s structure so that it can identify and analyses the objects in the room thereby you can play around with virtual objects.

So we have to wait till September to experience Augmented Reality on iPhone and iPads. Apple devices with iOS 11 will be able to use ARKit applications. If you are a developer and wanted to create an application on ARKit check out Apple ARKit Developer website.


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