This app will help you Build Custom made Android Ransomware


Nowadays we hear a lot of news about cyber criminals attacking network systems and personal computers with Ransomware. WannaCry is the popular one among them. Hackers demand a huge amount of money to stop the attack from multinational companies to the general public. To make this situation worse now there is a new app circling the internet which allows any person, even he/she has no minimal understanding of programming, can turn out to be a hacker and build their own personal customized Android ransomware. Hacker in fact also begun marketing of ransomware-as-a-service packages in order to widen this scary peril and deliver the menace to a larger audience.

It is a Trojan Development Kit said to be created by Chinese malware developers dedicated in Android platform that enables a person to create a fully-working Android ransomware simply by filling the form and pressing a couple of buttons. App user had to make a one-time payment to the app developer and after that, the user can easily deliver the ransomware to any Android gadget. This ransomware application is built via the Trojan Development System which locks down the victim’s device and shows a message demanding money. At the moment the app readily available for Chinese-speaking clients only, however, he assumes identical applications will be introduced for aspiring malicious software suppliers in other nations.

We have seen numerous Android malware-related news and reports in the recent times, for instance, SonicSpy, Lipizzan, LeakerLocker, to list several of them. Now when it comes to the safety of Android, with this new threat, makes it more complicated. You can protect your Android device from these attacks by staying away from getting applications from anonymous web sites and third-party app outlets, checking the permissions asked for by an app, even though it is installed from an official store and by maintaining a routine backup of your vital files and data.


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