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Apple is one of the popular brands who created smartest gadgets as well as incorporates their products with innovative technology and top quality materials. They launched ten generations of iPhone models and now the release of Apple iPhone 8 is just a few weeks away and we are patiently waiting to see how it is going to revolutionize the future of Smartphone.

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Apple’s 10th-anniversary handset seems to be launch in the label of the ‘iPhone Edition’ or ‘iPhone X’. It appears to be the first handset to introduce a curved AMOLED screen, cordless power charging technology as well as unique upright dual rear-facing camera. If the currently circulating leaked reports are accurate, this handset will be unveiled together with the iPhone 7S and 7S Plus.

The most important transformation that each and every iPhone fanatics anticipating from iPhone 8 is the massive increase of the front panel ratio of the handset. The ratio will probably expose how much of the front side space of the device will be filled by its display screen. It is also speculated that the hottest impression by Apple comes along with an OLED(5.5inch) display screen. If the screen size is increased as we anticipated then the home button of the device will be flushed out of the display screen to get slimmer the device’s bezel. There are also rumors that the device may include a curved display screen such as in latest premium smartphones. Several research workers also have stated that Apple might put the fingerprint sensor under the glass of the display screen on iPhone 8.

Image source: ConceptsiPhone

Apple iPhone 8 presented water-resistant concept with iPhone7 and likely to maintain this feature in iPhone 8. On the other hand, it is believed that the newest version will feature a superior water-resistant IP68 rating to tackle their competitors. It is confirmed that iPhone 8 gonna old LCD display with OLED screen. Since the pixels of OLED display recreate its own illumination the display screen doesn’t need a backlight, thus conserving the energy will increase the battery power.

According to the reports of the Korea HeraldApple is apparently gonna use biometric functions in their newest iPhone 8 for iris scanning and facial recognition. This feature will improve the security of the device and help users gain quick access to the phone. It is also rumored that Apple gonna introduce new system on a chip for its iPhone 8. Apple has not applied 10nm chip system in any of their devices and now iPhone 8 may include next generation A11 processor which is built on the 10nm FinFET system. The iPhone may also contain an impressive front line camera which is combined with 3D-sensing functions. This aspect is included to enable the camera to identify the position as well as the detail of the items in 3D space. There are also reports on Apple including Augmented Reality feature in iPhone 8. We have posted an article on this recently, you can find it below.



Display                                         5.0 inch 1920 x 1080 resolution OLED display

Camera                                        16 MP Dual on Rear, 8MP front, 4k Recording

OS                                                iOS 11.0 or iOS 10.02 upgradable to 11.0

Storage                                         32/64/128 GB Internal memory

RAM                                              4 GB RAM

Processor                                      Apple A11 chip

Battery                                          3000 mAh

Colors                                           Silver, Jet Black, Gold and Rose Gold White


As the Apple company is organizing the iPhone’s 10th birthday celebration this year and they sure will make this celebration more promising by introducing a remarkable device. Apple is likely gonna announce iPhone 8 publicly on Tuesday, September 12 this year(2017). Based on the recent reports the price begins from $999 for the bottom variant, $1,100 for 128 GB variant and $1,200 for 256GB variant.

Source ConceptsiPhone

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