Two 360° cameras Introduced by Acer with LTE support and Cloud storage

The 360-degree cameras have grown to be famous for the Android segment. Meanwhile considered it as an industry which gained more popularity, a lot of organizations introduced accessories to this sector whereas some others developed independent products. According to the latest reports, Taiwan-based manufacturer Acer has made its entry this sector with a brand new Android-powered 360° digital camera.

Image source: Acer

Acer introduced 2 cameras to this segment namely Acer Holo360 and the other one is Acer Vision360. Both these cameras include LTE connectivity aspects which allow users to share their videos over the internet and upload them to cloud storage. The Acer Holo360 is a digital camera which operates on Android 7.1 Nougat. It also got an integrated Qualcomm Snapdragon 625 processor chipset. So it owns almost all features that an Android phone have these days.

The camera delivers 360-degree video recording in 4K resolution. In addition, you have a 3-inch touchscreen display screen for in-device usage. It helps to get rid of a secondary device to view the video, edit the unwanted part, as well as share it on social networking sites.  Hence, it never requires a handset or Personal computer/Laptop to function.


The Acer Vision360 act as an Acer’s motor vehicle dash camera substitute. Users will have a couple of powerful cameras to render magnificent 4K resolution video recording of a 360-degree angle from your motor vehicle. The LTE connectivity feature enables the device to upload its video clips to cloud storage space sources for quick access. The Vision360 carries certain triggers in the event of motor accidents. At the time of the accident, it instantly records the video clip, labels it with time stamps and GPS coordinates, either stores it in internal storage or uploads it to cloud storage instantaneously for proofs.

The Acer Holo360 paired with a waterproof case will hit markets in the US as well as Europe by November of this year and may cost around $429 US Dollars. This product may reach Europe, Middle East, and Asia markets by the fourth quarter of this year at a price range of €350 Euros. We didn’t get any details on Vision 360 dash cam regarding its cost or selling period.

Source Acer

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