BBM Ceased Swapping from Android to BlackBerry legacy handsets


For those users who regularly swap between BlackBerry 10 and Android/iOS/Windows platforms when using the BBM, be cautious there exists a potential risk. You may encounter problems later on which will cause inaccessible contacts, loss of groups as well as channels. Over the last couple of days, users were reporting several difficulties while swapping BBM across platforms starting from momentary server issues to contacts, groups, and channels no longer being reachable after the swap.


For some users, it is not the first time they face this issue. They have experienced similar kind of transitory server problem in earlier times and somehow it gradually went away. However, this time situation is much worse because it has now confirmed that there have been variations to how BBM moves your BBID across various operating systems and they’re definitely not for the good in case you continuously shifting back to BlackBerry 10 from any of the other BBM supported operating systems.

Even with the issue, you can still switch between BlackBerry OS handsets, but if you are planning to shift from a Blackberry smart phone to a Blackberry handset running on Android/iOS/Windows platform, you will not be able to effectively gain access to BBM on a legacy BlackBerry handset.

This really is a disturbing problem for many users who prefer to go back and forth to BlackBerry legacy handset using the same BBM account. There is a solution if you still wish to try a BlackBerry legacy smart phone with BBM. All you have to do is simply set up a fresh BBM account to work with that handset by erasing all the device data and add a new BlackBerry ID. There still remains another problem, By doing this you will lose not only the device data but also all the purchased applications that you have on BlackBerry 10 handset.

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