Android Oreo Upgrade Confirmed for all Nokia Android handsets

HMD Executive has promised Oreo Upgrade for all Nokia-branded Android handsets.


A few days ago we heard the reports from Sony confirming Oreo update for their Models, Now HMD has shared their plans for the Oreo upgrade. The corporation has guaranteed that all Nokia-branded Android handsets such as Nokia 3,  5,  6, and 8 will receive the new Oreo 8 .0 upgrade. We already know that Nokia is consistent at providing regular updates on its handsets and we are glad to hear the official confirmation from the Finnish firm concerning the upgrade to the latest version of Android. On September 01 2017, HMD Global’s chief product officer, Juho Sarvikas shared details on his twitter account regarding the upcoming Oreo upgrade for the Nokia android phones starting from budget phone Nokia 3 to recently launched top-end version Nokia 8.

He didn’t disclose the time – range of when the Android Oreo update will be available for Nokia handsets. He also stated that Nokia operates on pure Android and it’s likely to get this update sooner than several other handsets with additional personalization features.  For the reason that budget handsets normally have trouble with offering consistent Android upgrades, Nokia may bring a change to this scenario by providing an update to Nokia 3 and could possibly benefit Nokia models in future.

Image source: twitter/sarvikas

Google introduced the latest version of Android series Oreo on August 21, but to date, it’s merely been accessible for Pixel and Nexus handsets listed in the Android beta program. Generally, it will take a long time for phone manufacturers to launch the initial upgrades, There are also cases where handsets don’t receive an update at all, resulting in Android’s disintegration dilemma. Google’s Android Oreo Development project team wants to assist handset manufacturers by providing quicker security and latest Android version upgrades.

After a string of leaks, HMD Global unveiled their high-end handset Nokia 8 with dual cameras on 16th August 2017.  Along with 13 MP dual rear side and a 13 MP front side cameras,  5.3 inch Nokia 8 boasts Snapdragon 835 processor and 64GB of internal storage space. Nokia also introduced a new camera feature named “Bothie”.  Nokia also stated that the Nokia 8 comes along with Android Oreo support. Read more about Nokia 8 here.

Source twitter/sarvikas

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