Huawei to Use AI-powered phone chip, possibly outrank Samsung and Apple


According to the statement from a top ranked official of Huawei, The Chinese multinational firm is going to make use of Artificial Intelligence powered phone chip which provides features like quick image recognition to compete with competitors Samsung and Apple. Huawei is going to launch new flagship phones and likely gonna include AI chip on these upcoming handsets. Executive also added that Artificial intelligence (AI) incorporated new chips will turn the handsets even more customized and will foresee the needs and requirements of their people. Based on the reports  Huawei is going to unveil the Mate 10 and Mate Pro, in Munich next month.

The chief executive of Huawei’s consumer business, Richard Yu on Saturday disclosed a formidable cutting edge smart phone chip. Huawei is planning to include this chip on forthcoming flagship Mate 10 as well as other premium quality handsets to provide rapid processing, less battery consumption and possess unique capabilities. However, he refused to outline fresh features in detail. Reports say that phones are anticipated to showcase massive  6-inch-plus display screen. Artificial Intelligence will deliver real-time improved functioning of voice commands, language translation, and get the most out of augmented reality which allows users to integrate with virtual stuff and replace your real-world surroundings with graphics and avatars.

The firm also claims that their recently introduced Kirin 970 microchip will certainly improve battery power and performance on handsets by 50%.  Huawei presented the brand new chip as the very first Neural Processing Unit ( NPU ) for handsets. It collectively gets the pictures, graphics, typical computing, as well as digital signal processing power that usually needed discrete chips, occupying large space and dragging communication and interaction between elements within handsets.

This Kirin 970 chip’s performance together with lower energy consumption will turn into amenities which will give Huawei handsets an advantage over the upcoming Apple iPhone 8 series phone and Samsung devices. The Kirin 970 chip is made by Huawei’s HiSilicon chip unit and created with the most sophisticated 10-nanometer manufacturing lines of TSMC. Huawei stands 3rd position in world handset manufacturer list after Samsung and Apple.

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