Moto G4 series Oreo update assurance, Motorola has quietly taken away all their consents

UPDATE: After Motorola released their list of handsets which will be getting upgrades to Android 8 .0 Oreo, many folks pointed out that the whole G4 series, unveiled just 18 months back, was absent from the list. Soon after, it’s been found that the firm changed the details of an infographic about the G4 Plus – now at first time they clearly mention of it getting Oreo update, which has been then removed.

A few days ago Motorola shared a list of handsets and stated they would likely get the latest Android 8.0 Oreo upgrade. Motorola commercialized Android N as well as O upgrades for the Moto G4 series, however to the distress of several G4 users, I doubt any of these handsets were stated in the company’s official Oreo upgrade listing. On various events, Motorola had clearly guaranteed Oreo upgrade for G4 series handsets. You will find the proofs in the given below screenshots of Moto G4 poster old one offering both Android N as well as O upgrades and the new poster that merely pledges Android N update.

Old poster of G4 plus (courtesy: Imgur and Reddit)


Updated poster of G4 plus (courtesy: Amazon)

In the old poster, Motorola has clearly stated that “Moto Pure phones like the Moto G4 Plus will get upgraded to Android operation system versions N and O.”  as you can see at the end of the paragraph.  Right now, If you check out the Moto G4’s Amazon India website, you will find the exact same poster stating merely OS update to Android Nougat.  For more evidence, you need to watch a YouTube video clip of the G4 plus  listing on Amazon India. This video clip was published in May 2016, the exact same month when G4 plus was launched. Now you will see the Android Oreo update promise made by Motorola at 1:02 minute of the video clip.


Another proof is available in the form of   Spanish brochure – In that brochure too Motorola advertised the device claiming it’ll receive both Android Nougat as well as Oreo upgrades. To make this situation even worse the official Motorola India Twitter account lately indicated Android Oreo update for Moto G4 plus, but the tweet was deleted soon afterward. Motorola was once popular for their quick upgrades, but now it looks like the firm has been further concentrated on launching plenty of models as possible than keeping the promises they made.

Source Reddit Motorola blog Amazon India

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