Facebook probably gonna add a WhatsApp shortcut button on Android

Based on a report from TheNextWeb, Facebook may have plans to bring its messaging platform WhatsApp closer together with its marquee service. The firm seems to be experimenting a brand new feature with select users which allows them instantly swap between Facebook and WhatsApp applications via a shortcut key. With this button, users can open WhatsApp without going out of the Facebook app. The website has also released some screenshots of the Facebook app with WhatsApp button. Tapping on the whats app icon positioned in the menu section will launch the WhatsApp app without leaving Facebook. The report also states that only selected users who set Danish as their default language on their Facebook have seen this feature.

Image courtesy: The Next Web


However, the question still remains what will happen if a user taps on the shortcut button who does not have WhatsApp installed on his/her handset. In fact, this new feature is currently being tested on Android device, but it will probably be offered to several iOS users as well. One thing that we can make sure is that Facebook has developed plans to enhance the end user base of the messaging app which is being unable to achieve a foothold in several markets in Western countries like the United States. Unofficial reports say that firm will bring about further integration to WhatsApp before releasing shortcut button feature to end users.

We presume this brand new feature will be made available to all users in the upcoming months and it is not sure if everybody will get this and we have to wait around for the firm to provide an official statement concerning the same. This past year, Facebook began utilizing several user information on WhatsApp for advertisements and several other purposes. This action was denounced by the privacy fanatics as WhatsApp claimed that it would never reveal the user information with the social networking company.

Source The Next Web

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