ZTE Axon M the foldable handset allegedly launching in beginning of 2018

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Image source: flickr/conxa.roda

ZTE is supposedly developing a brand new flagship handset named the Axon M(also called as Axon Multy), with the one of a kind unique highlight of dual screens that is able to unfold into a merged 6.8-inch display screen.  To be accurate, we anticipated the handset to be introduced at the occasion ZTE is conducting on October 17 in New York City. But, latest reports originating from the publication BusinessKorea states that the ZTE Axon M will be introduced in initial stages of 2018. To support their statements, the publication has highlighted present company information gathered by Strategy Analytics. Right now, we really do not have a clue how legitimate this data though.

We believe so as the handset happens to be showing up leaks frequently. A couple of days ago, suspected visuals of the ZTE Axon M surfaced on the internet. Moreover, its primary specifications had been leaked too. Therefore it is unknown at this point the reason why ZTE is keeping its release until the coming year. One probable factor for the delay might be the handset is still not ready to meet bulk production. If this is the scenario, we can still expect the announcement of the Axon M in the month of October 17. Even so, the handset may well not be released this year.

Based on Strategy Analytics, the public is still not ready to meet foldable handsets. For that reason, ZTE may fail to create desired profit margin with their forthcoming handset. Speaking about the handset alone, the ZTE Axon M is believed to include a side to side clamshell structure. This suggests the handset is going to be folding along its vertical axis. The multiple 6 .8-inch screens will probably have 1920×1080 resolution and will be positioned both on the front part and backside of the smartphone.

Once it unfolded, the pair of display screens will get together at the swivel to make a 6 .8-inch two 1080p displays. The handset is additionally reported to be sub-10-millimeter in thickness even in the folded condition. Looking at the features, Axon M will supposedly incorporate Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 chipset which must be combined with 4GB of RAM. The handset probably will deliver 32GB of storage space and powered by a 3,120mAh battery. When it comes to optics, the handset is going to use a single camera with a 20MP sensor.

Source Image source - flickr/conxa.roda

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