Upcoming Samsung smartphone Galaxy S9 to include an innovative iris scanner

Image Courtesy: Samsung

You may have already heard a whole lot of specifics and rumors regarding Galaxy S9 duo, Samsung’s forthcoming flagship smartphones. These two next-generation handsets have already been topic to a number of leaks and speculations recently. Apart from these, both the smartphones are anticipated to unveil at the beginning 2018, and it looks like that the Samsung Corp is going to include a few remarkable features to these brand new handsets. The reports and sources from Korea Herald state that the iris scanner of the Samsung Galaxy S9 will arrive with greater camera lens and capabilities to perfect identify users’eyes.

For those of you not aware about iris, an iris scanner is a biometric recognition system that distinguishes owners by validating the iris of an individual’s eyes that has sophisticated patterns in each and every iris thereby serving it a distinct identity. The journal claims that the front camera lens used for scanner lens will likely be improved from the 2MP camera which can be found on Samsung smartphones like Galaxy Note 8, Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ to a whole new 3MP camera lens. The latest scanner can supposedly “more effectively identify users’ irises even if they have on spectacles, moving their eyeballs or even they are positioned a very dark or excessive light surroundings.”

In addition to an improved iris scanner detector, Samsung could also be focusing on building up a software program to more precisely and effectively identify users’ irises. Yet, it appears like Samsung is working hard to deliver an excellent handset all around in 2018. Surprisingly, the journal has mentioned that Samsung may also fetch the iris scanner feature into middle and low-end handsets possibly later 2018 or at the beginning 2019 with the supreme purpose of swapping typical bank solutions with mobile banking. In the meantime, the Samsung Galaxy S9, as well as Galaxy S9+, are anticipated to unveil at the beginning of 2018.


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