WhatsApp to release their new Private Reply feature on Windows platform

Beta version 2.17.342.0 will be made available to windows phone ahead of iOS and Android

There are many people who consider windows platform and smartphones running on windows platform as outdated. Even though we believe it is obsolete there are several app developers who don’t tend to quit on Windows platform and release their latest updates for windows before carrying them to Android and iOS platforms. Whatsapp is one of those developers as they are going to release their newest beta version 2.17.342.0 with unique features on Windows phones. The highlight of this update is going to be Private Reply feature and will be made available to windows phone ahead of iOS and Android. This feature allows users of group chats to deliver a fast reply to a person privately without setting another screen.

After all, the same features are anticipated to show up on iPhones as well as Android smartphones, at the moment it is merely restricted to Windows handsets. Even so, it will be just accessible in the beta build and will take some time to receive the well-built version. In addition to the Private Reply feature, It looks like the update is also integrated with an enhanced User Interface for video and voice calls, along with certain slight changes in some places which may not get recognized at first glance. Such as, you will find an easy button which enables users to swap from a voice call to a video call and vice versa.

Considering the current scenario, developers will tend to deliver updates in the long term for Windows handsets. So if you wish to continue using WhatsApp in long-term on windows phone you better seek for a Windows 10 Phone because by the end of 2018 the service and support for Windows 8 phones will reach its closing stage. To get this new beta version in your Windows phone you must be a signed up user or a member of the beta program. For everybody who is curious about when the reliable version of WhatsApp is going to be launched, It will take a couple of weeks to take the beta to a stable version.


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