Apple’s virtual assistant Siri may respond to your whispering as well

Apple may include this feature in next generation of iPhone devices along with iOS upgrade

Apple always managed to surprise us by providing unique features on their latest devices, notably in iPhones. The Company usually release 3 handsets in a year and continues working on innovative concepts for their upcoming devices. Consequently, Apple has been agreed with a patent for a technology not too long ago which is designed to help Siri to recognize while a person is whispering and reply softly. The patent explains a technology that instantly understands the owner’s whispered phrases and replies suitably. The firm also has provided numerous situations when this sort of would turn out to be useful.

Needless to say, communicating silently to the virtual assistant do not look too remarkable. Still, Apple indicates that this kind of a feature is going to be handy in a workplace, library or in a meeting where you do not intend to disturb the acquaintances. Moreover, it is important to mention that Siri will also get the ability to respond in a whispered voice. In case you are unaware of, iPhone and Apple Watch currently have this specialized features to figure out the frequency and amplitude of input voice to sense whispering.

Obviously, whispering can even facilitate several new abilities in Siri, however, it’s gonna take some time. On the contrary, Siri can certainly be provided with the high delicate data and information because it will be carried out covertly, besides other persons will not be able to find it. Keeping that in mind and the usual scenario with patents, it is not assured if this kind of a feature could actually be possible. The following generation of iPhone devices and the main iOS upgrade are anticipated in 2018, Apple will find a while to get this feature all set.


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