Brand new back-illuminated time-of-flight graphic sensor from Sony

Image courtesy - flickr/jamiemc

Japanese tech giant Sony Corp has recently confirmed the launch of a 1/2-type back-illuminated, time-of-flight ( “ToF” ) image sensor which is a sensor with VGA resolution meant to achieve advanced depth sensing capabilities. The latest sensor belongs to Sony’s DepthSense series, a collection of depth-sensing graphic sensor merchandise with range locating feature, as well as being the initial supplement in the series to use a back-illuminated ToF set up. Sony will begin delivering trial sets commencing April 2018. The revolutionary program has been formulated making use of 10µm square pixel procedure providing it a compact scale and remarkably precise distance evaluation capabilities from near to remote distances, which can be used in numerous programs in various sectors.

Image courtesy: Sony

Precise depth maps can be delivered by Small Portable sensors which can be used for several applications like object recognition, identification of gestures and barriers, robotics and drones capable of conducting operations independently, augmented reality, virtual reality, mixed reality systems for which market growth is expected. This sensor uses back-illuminated CMOS graphic sensor structure that permits to get more detailed and precise recognition of the mirrored illumination due to the enhanced and high-level sensitivity of the sensor. The firm promises that it can also get high-precision depth maps in a VGA resolution at near distances of around 30cm to 1m.

Moreover, for the reason that this sensor takes depth maps per frame, it allows image shoot at a bigger frame rate when compared to the usage of a laser beam to check the material for distance measurement. This decreases distortion of subjects in motion in depth maps. Softkinetic Systems S.A who was associated with the progression of ToF image sensor concepts is a subsidiary of Sony Semiconductor Solutions Corporation. On December 18 the firm has been rebranded to Sony Depth-sensing Solutions Keeping SA/NV. Sony plans to set up this firm as an R&D foundation focused in-depth sensing solutions, planning to develop ever more powerful products.


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