From August 2019 onwards Play Store will halt their support for 32-bit applications

Google attempting their finest to make the Play store more secure like Apple' s App Store.

Image courtesy: flickr/janpersiel

Google has revised their Play Store policies for Android application developers to enhance app safety as well as competency. The new Play Store policies will be coming into force from August 2018 and the entire applications present on the Play Store is required to target API level 26 or above(Android 8 .0 Oreo). Moreover, from August 2018, upgrades to the currently available applications will be required to work on the same as well. Furthermore, from August 2019 onwards, Play Store will no more provide service for 32-bit applications. This implies that the developers should put up 64-bit applications. Although this resolution will come like staggering, Google is providing around 2 years to developers to get accustomed to the transform.

As a matter of fact, 32-bits will end up useless after August 2019. Google states that most of the devices working on Android OS support 64-bit. Besides that, from the coming year starting, Google Play Store will begin to include a handful of security metadata over each and every application’s APK files. Doing this will check and confirm the credibility of the applications. Nevertheless, Developers do not have to bother about that as it is going to be executed autonomously from Google’s half. Apple has also made a similar move already as they stopped their support for 32-bit applications.with the entry of latest iOS 11 which is suitable for 64-bit applications.

The above-mentioned improvements ought to worry the vendors who do not upgrade their handsets on a timely schedule. If the handsets are not upgraded promptly, they won’t be able to have access to latest updated applications. Google anticipates that by implementing this upgrades will make Play Store applications more safe and secure and also gonna enhance the functionality and steadiness of the applications. It is certain that Google attempting their finest to make the Play store more secure like Apple’ s App Store.


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