Apple allegedly developing smartwatch with EKG heart monitor

It won't be compatible with the existing models of Apple smartwatches

If the recent report from Bloomberg turns out to be true, We can expect a brand new featured smartwatch from Apple in 2018. As outlined in the report, The firm is busy developing SmartWatch device with an integrated EKG heart monitor. Right now the company is setting up an innovative heart-monitoring functionality which works best with upcoming models of the Apple smartwatches. However, It won’t be compatible with the existing models of Apple smartwatches. We got no official statement from Apple on this concept yet, But if this report is genuine, the firm is going to make their smartwatches into healthcare gadgets that will help save lives of people.

Some of you guys may already have Apple smartwatches with an inbuilt standard heart monitor. Still, The EKG heart monitor is a much more advanced form of current one and will be useful in spotting various cardiac troubles. On the other hand, the report furthermore indicates that the creation plan for this smartwatch is still in progress, However, Apple may change their mind any moment. According to the reports, the firm is planning to introduce the watch to the public next year.

On the variant getting tested people need to press the scaffold of the smartwatch with two fingers from the other hand, It will transmit an imperceptible current over the user’s chest to monitor electrical signals in the heart and sense any irregularities such as unusual heart rates,” states the report.

For those who are unaware, At present Apple Watch lovers are able to purchase an FDA-approved EKG reader created by a venture referred to as AliveCor Inc. which is incorporated into the watch’s strap. At the same time, it is priced around $200 and also users need to get a one-year membership to enjoy the whole features.

Source Bloomberg

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