OnePlus 6 Concept Video Discloses Prospective Model And Specifications

Concept model with under-glass fingerprint sensor and symmetrical design looks promising

Image courtesy: Youtube/TechConfigurations

The OnePlus 5T (aka OP5T) was announced on 16 November 2017 not long ago after its successor OnePlus 5’s release. Now the One plus fans are desperate towards the announcement of to the OnePlus 6 which is around half a year away. We don’t have many in-depth details of OnePlus 6, Even so, a concept video of One plus 6 has appeared on Youtube. It was published by Youtube channel named “TechConfigurations”. This concept video will give us an idea of what the forthcoming handset may appear like.

Image courtesy: Youtube/TechConfigurations

As we know full-screen handsets become the trend for 2017 and some popular manufacturers have applied this design to their flagship handsets.The major difference between OnePlus 5T and OnePlus 5 is the display screen, and of course, 5T lacks a home button along with the fingerprint detector at the front section of the handset which is relocated to its backside. The OnePlus 6 with the next-gen design is anticipated to be unveiled at the beginning of 2018 and probably will show up with an identical full-screen model except the fingerprint sensing unit could have moved to a different spot.

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The latest records have given us a hint that the OnePlus 6 probably have an under glass fingerprint sensing unit as a substitute for typical home button sensor which is no longer consider ideal for comfortable use. Majority of handset users wish for front side fingerprint sensor and an under-glass fingerprint sensor is a looming design which is getting tested by the smartphone makers. We haven’t received any official confirmation from One plus regarding this design with an under-glass fingerprint sensor, Still, this concept video looks promising.

From the model displayed in the video OnePlus 6 is apparently influenced by the symmetrical concept similar to the Apple iPhone X. The handset seems to have a carve at the top side of the screen to reside the selfie cam and sensors. An identical carve can also be found at the bottom section of the screen as well. The concept model’s full-screen structure and minimal bezels depict the handset gonna get a high screen-to-body ratio. The concept model is presented with 19 Mega Pixel dual on the backside with a couple of sensors placed horizontally at the topmost left side and 16MP ultra-wide cam for selfie shots. The handset also believed to include a front side iris scanner and Snapdragon 845 SoC combined with 8GB RAM.


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