Nvidia to Stop Support for 32-Bit Operating Systems

They will not release new drivers for 32-bit systems.....

After the launch of latest driver version 390, Nvidia is going to stop providing support for drivers on 32-bit operating systems. The firm has officially affirmed this statement and shared it publicly on their official website 3 days ago. Well, this is going to have an extensive effect on Operating Systems such as Linux, Windows 7, Windows 8/8.1, Windows 10, and FreeBSD with a 32-bit system. So Linux and Windows owners who prefer to use the recent drivers offered must need to update their system to 64-bit. Hopefully, this change won’t affect Mac OS X owners functioning on Lion 10.7 as all models are 64-bit only.  However, Nvidia has also added in their statement that they will not stop the release of vital driver security patches as required until January 2019.

In addition to this statement, Nvidia has also confirmed that they are going to remove aid for their NVS 315 and NVS 310 graphics cards in accordance with their dated Fermi structures. As said above 390 drivers is going to be the ultimate launch among these cards. Nvidia is planning to launch the final version 390 before the end of this year.

“Later driver release versions are not going to work, or mount, on 32-bit operating systems. Driver improvements, driver optimizations, and operating system functions in driver versions after Release 390 is not going to be included directly in Release 390 or older versions,” the firm stated on their website.

When compared to 32-bit OS, A 64-bit system includes improved security and also when it differs with the workload, 64-bit systems usually work rapidly than 32-bit. Working with 32-bit OS people will encounter several legacy restrictions. Moreover, with the significant growth of technology 16 as well as 32-bit programs and also other aged hardware soon will turn out to be much difficult to work within the upcoming years.


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