OnePlus 5 Users soon to receive Face Unlock feature because of popular demand

Oreo built OxygenOS 5.0 now available for OP5

Face Unlock feature is considered as the major variance between OnePlus 5 and the OnePlus 5T, and of course is one of the most impressive highlights of the OnePlus 5T. At present Face Unlock in OnePlus 5T is believed to be the best among all the other handsets. But when it compared with the iPhone X the Face Unlock function of the 5T might not be secure and safe as the one on iPhone X, but it truly is very fast and is a bit more convenient to use when you are in a rush. Unlike iPhone X, which utilizes depth sensing hardware components along with software to work the Face Unlock feature, Whereas One plus 5T is integrated through a software program alone. So this implies that this function could very well be included in other OnePlus handsets as well. Now the recent tweet from Carl Pei, Co-Founder of OnePlus rectify the possibility.

He has shared on his twitter that the Face Unlock feature for the OnePlus 5 is forthcoming, because of popular demand. Of course, OP5 users will get this Face unlock function through a software upgrade. But the time span regarding when the upgrade will be available is not mentioned in his tweet. The formal Android Oreo release for the OnePlus 5 has initiated, however, the changelog doesn’t mention any specifics on the Face Unlock function. If this latest upgrade doesn’t carry the feature along with it, it seems like the firm will roll out an additional upgrade for the handset to combine OnePlus 5T’s face unlock function to the OnePlus 5.

Source twitter/getpeid

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