Battery replacement offer for old iPhone users from a Chinese firm

Chinese firm Pisen's Tweet on battery replacement offer....

We knew that for past few weeks Apple has been in the headlines and debates for their older iPhone’s sluggish performance dilemma. Even though beliefs and theories were sustaining, the explanation that Apple provided for their plan to decelerate older iPhone was simple and straightforward yet several folks couldn’t merely be satisfied with it. The American Company made an announcement saying that the under-clocking of the CPU’s whole efficiency of older devices was designed in a way to avoid unexpected turnoffs occurring once worn out batteries exceeded their bounds. Yet somehow, in due course, this simply resulted in numerous class move lawsuits against the firm located in Cupertino.

We have to wait and see exactly what kind of solution to this problem will Apple have in forthcoming days, however, it seems like older iPhone models such as SE, 6/ 6S, and iPhone 7 owners get the merely choice to restore the battery. With that being said, in the middle of all these crisis, a Chinese firm named Pisen has shared a post on their twitter account tagging @Apple as well as @Tim Cook and recommending them to change batteries for old iPhone owners. The firm also added that if iPhone owners in China wish to change their worn-out batteries, Pisen is willing to offer 10 million coupons valued at 200 million Renminbi along with a cost-free installation support which is going to be accessible within 3 months.

As per Pisen’s Tweet, being a handset products provider, a major portion of the firm’s devoted customers are Apple users. Hence, this battery restoration offer can also be a gratitude as well as an incentive from Pisen to their customers. Alongside, Pisen also has mentioned Apple to think about compensating their customers. Based on reports battery restoration campaign by Pisen will begin from January 2018, at the same time a handset maintenance and solutions department under Pisen called 3C-Easy will provide online order campaign which will help users to save around 20 RMB.

Source Twitter/PisenElectro

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