Upcoming Xiaomi AI smart speaker will probably support Microsoft Cortana

Recently Xiaomi has officially announced their brand new voice assistant smart speaker named Yeelight Voice Assistant. With identical style and design Yeelight voice assistant resembles Amazon Echo Dot which was released in 2016. The main attraction of this speaker is its price which is around 199 yuan (INR 2,000 – USD 32.00)approx. This smart speaker will be packed with a couple of virtual assistants. One is meant for western users and other is for users within China. In western markets, this smart speaker will be made available with Amazon Alexa virtual assistant and Xiaomi’s AI technology for Chinese markets. With the multiple virtual assistant support, this smart speaker can easily take advantage on the international market.

Based on reports, the Microsoft Cortana will probably be implemented in speakers meant for Chinese users. In case you don’t recall, Microsoft and Xiaomi hit an agreement in May 2016 so as to pre-install the older applications like PowerPoint, Excel, Word, Skype, and Outlook to Xiaomi products. In exchange, Microsoft had given 1,500 patents to Xiaomi. All this is saved in location by the Microsoft Azure unit which deals with the cloud elements of the Microsoft applications as well as Xiaomi’s Mi Cloud. Cortana is an important part of the Azure unit, therefore setting up Artificial Intelligence technology which is driven by Cortana is feasible. And also, the latest voice assistant speaker from Xiaomi is anticipated to utilize Cortana.

Even so, we should point out that Xiaomi and Yeelight do not have formally revealed the aid for Cortana on the Yeelight Voice Assistant smart speaker. In case the smart speaker is supported by Cortana, Yeelight smart speaker is going to be one among the three stand-alone speakers which aid the Microsoft Cortana assistant. The other smart speakers are Harman Kardon Invoke speaker and the forthcoming HP’s Cortana-powered speaker. The Yeelight Voice Assistant is going to be launched in China on 31st of this month.

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