Samsung patents shows double-sided display screen on forthcoming handsets

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We have lately observed numerous patents pass by Samsung Corp with unique screen variants. Several are flexible and foldable into a small space, other types include a display screen that goes through further extensive. The Korean handset provider has, needless to say, many years of knowledge about its edge screens, that are applied in the Galaxy S and Note collection. There also exist rumors that we may well see the release of this kind of a product probably labeled Galaxy X down the line this year. Latest report hints that the Samsung Galaxy X will probably include a pressure sensitive display.


In 2017, we heard of a patent from Samsung hinting that the firm is preparing a handset with a 180-degree curved edge screen. Afterwards, we discovered an identical design from Samsung where the display screen foldable halfway to the backside. Right now, a report is out with patent filed by World Intellectual Property Organization(WIPO) in April 2017. The report was released by Letsgodigital.  According to the report, three models were identified, all of them with a screen on the backside of the handset. One of the image displays a Samsung handset with a couple of display screens which entirely covers the housing. A metallic frame is noticeable merely at the bottom part of the handset. The content displayed on the one side of the handset is connected with what can be viewed at the flipside.

With the help of pressure sensitive display screen, it can detect precisely how the handset is held in hands. whenever the handset is flipped the display screen immediately gets active. Even though the screen entirely runs over the backside, merely the upper/main side of the screen can be used as a touchscreen means flipside can be used only for viewing purpose only. The second concept image bears resemblances in design with the first model but merely offers a one side display. It also got a thin bezel on the left side of the handset. The third one demonstrates a display screen which vertically runs all the way to backside similar to the model Microsoft patented in 2014.

Source Samsung's patent (foreign language) - by Letsgodigital
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