Purported second generation iPhone SE to feature a glass body

A year ago( 2016 March to be exact) Apple launched their iPhone SE smartphone as a follower of the iPhone 5S retaining the 4-inch display screen size, similar design to the 5S and specific hardware features from the superior iPhone 6S smartphone.  iPhone SE with enhanced hardware features and overall performance has managed to get positive ratings from experts and critics. Now numerous trustworthy supplies(tekz24 especially) states that Apple has already been planning out the second generation of iPhone SE(let’s call it iPhone SE 2) for some time now. Tekz24 has already shared some promising graphics of purported iPhone SE 2. Still, we are putting this report on speculation side until  Apple itself show up with an official images or statement regarding the handset.


Even if the iPhone SE 2 is real and is currently on developing stage,  it probably would not be sited among the three-model series that is going to be announced in September. If the latest reports turned out to be true this handset will be announced at the beginning stages of this year. Unlike its previous model which offers a metal body, the iPhone SE 2 may feature a glass body just like those we’ve seen on the iPhone 8 and iPhone X models. The introduction of glass body may also empower the phone with various other features such as wireless charging support since wireless charging will only work on a device having a glass body.

There are active rumors that Apple will replace the typical Touch ID with latest Face ID on iPhones models that are going to be launched in 2018. So does Apple integrate the Face ID in iPhone SE 2, chances are low as there remains plenty of technical challenges. Hence it implies that the handset may include a physical home button along with in-built Touch ID.  Still, we can’t force any conclusion, let’s wait and see…


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