Samsung at CES 2018, Reveals their latest devices with unique features and functions

Products include 146 inch Micro LED TV, 8K TV with AI support and more....

Samsung has well geared up for 2018 Consumer Electronic Show(CES) with events, new announcements, and fairs which illustrates their advancements in the technological field and how they are going to influence people’s day-to-day life with their exciting Internet of things products. A few hours ago Samsung conducted their press meet at CES 2018. Instead of sticking to their old strategies, the firm seems to have opted a different course in 2018. Rather than promoting their latest technologies and devices, Samsung concentrated more on demonstrating their products in the most convenient way and left people wondering how smart these devices are.

It is not the first time Samsung attempting to get its products connected with each other, however, in past times they fell short to offer the products with an ecosystem to achieve this. But now its a different story as the firm is well equipped to reorganize their software and services thereby making it more convenient for people to use the devices and to make sure that they will prefer to follow the Samsung products. Samsung’s digital assistant ‘Bixby’ and the SmartThings Cloud which was introduced in October is going to be integrated into several home appliances and tv sets this year. Now have a look at the prime Samsung products unveiled at the 2018 CES technology exhibition.


  • ‘The Wall’ 146 inch Micro LED TV :

The world’s very first micro LED TV referred to as The Wall has been unveiled by Samsung at CES 2018. This Television got a 146-inch micro-LED screen and said to utilize non-organic substances and will not need backlighting or any other type of color filter. It is composed of standardized materials for flexibility and will be able to personalize its dimensions and characteristics according to ones taste and price range. When compared to the typical LCD Tv sets, The Wall makes use of Micro LED that applies a cluster of countless little LEDs to render the display.


  • Samsung Notebook 7 Spin and 9 Spin:

Samsung introduced their latest Notebook featuring a 360-degree twisting model named as Notebook 7 Spin 2018 at CES 18. This notebook was exhibited at the Consumer Electronic Show together with their latest Notebook 9 Spin that offers two variants – one is the 15-inch Notebook 9, which will be made available in two variants a 15-inch Notebook 9 and a 13.3-inch Notebook 9 Pro laptop which can also be transformed into a stylus supported adaptable device.


  • Samsung Q9S 8K Television:


Samsung also released their artificial intelligence powered 85-inch Q9S 8K Television at the CES 2018 technology exhibition. This Television set features an ultramodern build similar to those Samsung’s premium quality TV sets. The firm states that the Q9S will make use of Artificial Intelligence technology to provide lucid 8K quality content. The TV utilizes a branded algorithm which enables it to understand the content and upgrade the pixel resolution to 8K.


  • Samsung NW700 Soundbar Sound+ :

Samsung launched their latest speakers termed as NW700 soundbar at the CES 2018 technology exhibition. NW700 is a slimline 3 .1-channel audio bar which is sleek in design and merely two inches thick to be sited on the wall surface. Rather than an additional subwoofer, this three-channel soundbar contains a bass driver. To avoid distortion of bass frequencies this speaker utilizes digital signal refinement known as distortion canceling. The firm additionally introduced the VL5 cordless speaker that allows people change the volume with a magnetic dial. This 2 feet long and 2 inches thick speaker offers studio-quality sound with tuning from Samsung’s latest possession, AKG.

The firm also publicized their plans on taking the Bixby voice assistant to their Television sets launched this year. Samsung SmartThings cloud is going to function on Samsung devices and smart products with a basic objective which is to ensure seamless functioning of devices together. The SmartThings application will allow the TV function as a core to manage the smart home products like lamps, thermostats and surveillance cameras. This app will also integrate with Gear S3 this year. Samsung also displayed their latest Exynos 9810 processor chipset at CES 2018 convention center.


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