Samsung’s Alleged Foldable handset may release in December

This device will carry an enormous 7.3-inch OLED display screen...

UPDATE: This report ends up being unreliable as Samsung’s chief for mobile business, DJ Koh,  has verified at the CES 2018 that their foldable device is not going to be released before 2019.

We have recurrently heard reports on Samsung focusing on the development a foldable handset referred to as Galaxy X. Until now the handset has already showcased in a multitude of leaks and concept models. Although Samsung refuses to disclose any kind of specifics of the foldable handset, the latest news coming from South Korea shows certain details about the handset. Based on a report from ET News, The South Korean Corp is planning to release their primary foldable handset by end of this year. The report also asserts that the handset is going to carry an enormous 7.3-inch OLED display screen.


The recent report presents a perception of how the foldable handset from Samsung is going to work. It will look like a normal handset or a tablet when it’s unfolded. Certainly, the handset will be able to fold inwards which enables it to use like a book. Samsung Display will be the creator of foldable handset’s 7.3-inch screen. An additional chunk of info which has been revealed by the report is that Samsung will demonstrate this latest technology to the industry insiders in September but in a concealed manner. If this report is genuine, Samsung has eventually determined to initiate the manufacturing of the foldable OLED display screens in upcoming months(reportedly March).

The firm is going to create the bulk production in September and finish the processing of the complete handset in the consecutive month. While the formal statement and unveiling will happen by end of this year or at the beginning of 2019. In terms of price, the handset is going to be a lot more expensive when compared to the existing superior and top end handsets.

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