Future Premium Xperia Phones may feature OLED Display Screens

Sony may launch a premium device with OLED in 2018 or 2019 supposedly...

In 2017 we have witnessed Sony introducing OLED tv set, with the remarkably engineered A1 series. We also got a report from their home country of Japan on Sony integrating OLED technology into their upcoming flagship smartphone series and may launch a premium device with OLED in 2018 or 2019 supposedly. So far Sony Mobile has merely applied LCD screens for their handsets, however, OLED display includes certain features such as pure blacks and increased levels of contrast. Well, now we got some interesting proofs to support this old report as Xperia Blog has provided an official Sony Mobile job listings for a Display Engineer.

The main work instructions clearly show the OLED integration to mobile phone products. This description is enough to provide strong proof that Sony is working over an OLED loaded Xperia handset. However, at present, we got no information on when Sony is planning to launch an OLED Xperia handset. The job description was published on November 2017, with an ‘unposting date’ of 28 February 2018. So we can expect an OLED Xperia handset release at Mobile World Congress in February or at IFA in September 2018.

So at last Sony’s smartphones are going to have OLED display screens akin to Samsung’s flagship handsets. The Korean tech giant has been implementing OLED displays in their Galaxy S as well as Note series for countless years now and this has been a highlight for those handsets. Various other Android handset manufacturers have already applied OLED screens on their handsets, and lately, we saw Apple releasing iPhone X with AMOLED. In fact, Samsung is the largest source of OLED displays for handsets, but instead of buying it from Samsung, Sony probably will purchase OLED from LG and JDI.

Source S1 XB

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