Microsoft ties up with Signal to provide Private Chat functionality in Skype

The end-to-end encryption method applied by Skype in their system is known as "Private conversation"....

Microsoft will offer a secure message service system for the people across the world through a joint effort with several companies like Google, WhatsApp, Facebook, and Signal. The initiative is created to enhance the private chat system. Companies like Signal has incorporated the open source Signal Protocol in their text messaging system with a goal of delivering flawless private conversation. Back in April 2017, WhatsApp became the initial firm to release the end to end crypt messaging service in India. This method provides a better private chat system which is most users wanted these days. Skype is the newest messaging and video calling application to utilize the end to end crypt messaging service.


The end-to-end encryption method applied by Skype in their system is known as “Private conversation”. In Skype users can gain access to the end to end the Private chat with a simple click. From the Skype application, you will find a “+” symbol, click on it and select New Private Conversation. As soon as the new private chat opens and then you can choose your contact and start chatting privately. Skype Insider is a program formulated by Skype for the people to view all newest aspects of Skype technology, they have added this feature to this program.

Microsoft has also presented a mild variant of Skype application for Indian users in 2017. This Lite version was created specifically for Indian users and its highlight was the reduced usage of bandwidth when doing an audio call, video call and even transmitting messages. This app also included a data-friendly function termed “tracking data usage” that enables a person to register data being used. This lite version of the app will only consume a 13 MB download space and also support several Indian languages.  This version of the app was suitable for almost all of the handset platforms.

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