Find Museum Portraits Matching Your Face with Google Arts & Culture App

This feature has been released only for specific regions...

Recently a new craze gaining popularity on the internet as several smartphone fanatics started using Google Arts and Culture application to find out portraits resemble their face. Google added this new feature to their Arts & Culture application with their latest update. Shortly after getting the update this application has claimed the number 1 free app position in Play store in the US. To perfect this feature Google Arts & Culture has worked with around 1,200 worldwide museums as well as galleries from 70 nations. This latest update for the application is now available on both Play Store and Apple Store. Unfortunately, this feature has been released only for specific regions together with several error fixes and mild enhancements.


Google makes use of pattern recognition technology to identify facial features and deliver identical portraits from their repository containing artworks acquired from museums and art galleries. To test this feature you have to install the Arts & Culture app, then open the app and find the “Is your portrait in a museum ?” segment and select “Get Started”. Then you will be asked to take a selfie with your front cam. It afterward checks your face to countless sets of artworks stored in their database to identify portraits suits your face.

“A computer won’t respond such as you do once you see a picture, a computer could be prepared to identify specific forms of shades and figures. Such as, a computer can be mentored to identify the general forms of shapes and colors which make up a virtual graphic of a face. This procedure is called facial detection.” Google stated on their website.

In addition, the Google Arts & Culture application provide the feature to view artworks from various museums and galleries across the globe. A succeeding upgrade enabled the app to deliver an amazing Virtual Reality sensation which works with Google Cardboard. The ‘Art Recognizer’ feature in the app allows users to position one’s handset camera at a painting to acquire details about it.

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