WhatsApp Allegedly Focusing on Methods to Limit Spam Messages

The firm has not revealed any further information or any details about its launch.....

Under certain circumstances, the majority of people may stumble upon junk/fake texts and bogus scandals on WhatsApp. Although several folks promptly knew how to identify the variance between fake and legitimate texts, a good number of people are not aware of this, as a result, they will start forwarding those the fake messages to other individuals in their contacts and helps the circulation of spam messages. Exactly like Facebook and Twitter who have already been developing strategies to cut down bogus stories as well as junk messages on their defined systems, WhatsApp has also joined the movement and seems to be experimenting several techniques restrict the distribution of sequence letter type fake texts on their medium.


Rather than increasing consciousness against these kinds of messages, WhatsApp is furthermore focusing on applying different ways to prevent spam message widening on their medium. Based on a latest report from WABetaInfo, an official from the Whatsapp has said that they are carefully monitoring these kinds of messages and will continue perfecting a new technique to stop them. This new highlight feature, which is said to be in progression stage, shows an alert text to people that they’re in danger of forwarding a fake/spam message.

When a message continues to be forwarded repeatedly the application will show an alert text that saying “A message you are forwarding has been forwarded many times”. An identical alert will show once a user gets such type of a message. Sequence messages usually loaded with bogus reports and texts that encourage other people to send these to all their personal contacts. Substantially these type of Sequence messages is going to be aimed by the anti-spam function. At this moment, the firm has not revealed any further information or any details about its launch.

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