Xiaomi Allegedly commenced MIUI 10 Creation, likely to be Named MIUI X

MIUI 10 has been approved and probably will launch later this year...

It appears like Xiaomi has allegedly initiated the creation of their MIUI stock firmware’s next version. We got this information from the course of two-hour live Question and Answer session held in a broadcast room. MIUI software department vice president Huang Longzhong, shown up in the broadcast room and were answering the questions from Mi Fans. During the session, he made a disclosure about the upcoming variant of MIUI ROM. While answering a question Mr.Huang revealed that MIUI 10 has been approved and is still at a very early development stage. He refused to reveal more information regarding the same.


We cannot confirm the name of the next MIUI version as officials are not ready to provide more details regarding the ROM. However, The upcoming MIUI will be the 10th major version of ROM, so there remains a good possibility to name it as MIUI X. Of course, we do not know for sure, but still, we neither believe that MIUI team will skip the number 10 and name it MIUI 11 or MIUI 12. In 2016 we witnessed the launch of MIUI V8, In 2017 MIUI V9, So we can expect the launch of MIUI V10 in coming months this year.

Based on the current reports we have,  Majority of Mi, as well as Redmi users have got MIUI 9 upgrades which are sufficient to proceed to the next major version. Huang additionally informed the fans that MIUI creators are preparing to start releasing upgrades for MIUI 9 to the third set of devices. In a previous interview, Huang suggested that the 10th version of MIUI firmware may feature artificial intelligence. Still, we have to wait until its release to confirm the reliability of these reports and it remains doubtful whether it is going to be named MIUI 10 or MIUI X.

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