Massive leaks of Motorola’s 2018 smartphone series Exposing Key Features

Expect tremendous changes in 2018 Moto smartphone design and features...

UPDATE: More leaks, The latest leak shows real looking images of the handset appears pretty much the same as Droid Life’s supplies in the original post.
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Presumably, somebody in Motorola or Lenovo is going to be in severe stress when all this leaks and details are verified, Considering the latest report shared by Droid-Life, it will likely be the 3 significant smartphone series of handsets from the Moto for this year have been entirely leaked, together with visuals and features. Before moving further, all these provided leaks and information may not be completely true or accurate as Droid Life was not able to verify any of these leaks with an additional reference.

In accordance with the leaked materials, the forthcoming top notch from Lenovo and Motorola is likely to be the Moto Z3. It may well carry along its Moto Z3 Play variant just like in past years with an increase in display screen dimensions. Motorola has guaranteed that current series of Moto Mods will be compatible with three full years of Moto Z handsets. Needless to say, the best thing about these devices is definitely the integration of 6-inch screens with 18:9 aspect ratio providing a stylish appearance and keep the pace for the rest of the competitors.


Image courtesy: Droidlife

This improvement on the display screen does express a farewell to the fingerprints reader on the front side along with navigation keys. As an alternative to navigation keys, Moto has provided an extended software home button which helps users in navigation and to access running applications by swiping or long press, like we observed on other recently, launched Moto handsets who have already implemented these function on a hardware home button. With regards to features, we have not many details yet. we barely comprehend that the Moto Z3 might implement a higher resolution display screen with respect to the Play, it is going to include a Snapdragon 845 processor and also will maintain the dual camera settings. There are also speculations about the integration of artificial intelligence, but to confirm it we have to wait until its launch or another leak.

However, the best and most desirable aspect of the new Moto Z3 is going to be that Moto Mod where it clearly states ‘5G‘. which would suggest that Motorola will make their flagship suitable for the latest speedy data networks(5G) which is going to arrive in a testing phase to the United States this year and a gradual deployment in 2019.


Image courtesy: Droidlife

Regarding their medium-high collection, Motorola has geared up the Moto X5, a handset that appears to offer us a “borderless“, that is “without borders” or curved corners. Based on the leaked info, It is going to include a display screen of 5 .9 inches Full HD 18:9 ratio maintaining that stretched trendy appearance. However, if we closely examine the leaked graphic, we can observe that at the top of the display screen there exist a type of ‘notch’, resulting in the status bar to be separated and in this area, you can find a double camera setting as well. We can’t find any additional details concerning the remaining particulars, we merely notice again the absence of navigation keys and fingerprint sensor at bottom of the screen. In the leaked image we also find a caption saying “Moto XP” and “Moto’s Smart Ai”, Which is we assume it will be related to artificial intelligence.


Image courtesy: Droidlife

Last of all you have the Moto G6 range, where the leaked information says that we will see a couple of versions namely Moto G6 Play and Moto G6 Plus. In terms of appearance, these handsets got design similar to Moto X with new 18: 9 aspect ratio screens. Based on the report, Moto G6 Play will carry a 5.7-inch Full HD 18:9 screen with Snapdragon 450 and 3000 mAh battery. If the reports are accurate it will be introduced at the following MWC 2018 and will cost around 240 dollars.

For the bigger version, Moto G6 Plus may well sport a bigger Full HD screen with 5.93 inches and 18:9 ratio. The G6 Plus will be powered by Snapdragon 630 chip and 3200 mAh battery. One more major change we can find is in camera settings. Unlike its little brother, G6 Plus will have a dual camera setting. G6 plus is also expected to release at MWC 2018 and will be priced at 330 dollars. In addition to the classic enhancements in cameras as well as other features, It also claims that devices will include a “3D glass” on the front side and fingerprint reader. So we have to wait until all these details to be verified or dismissed at some point.

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