Alert: Kaspersky warns over a new Malware named Skygofree impacting devices

Skygofree is able to take photos and record videos from your device....

We have witnessed several strikes and safety weaknesses on nearly all the computers as well as handsets lately and manufacturers are fighting to avoid these dangerous assaults on their products. Now cybersecurity and antivirus solution firm, Kaspersky Lab has cautioned people about the most dangerous Virus named Skygofree that impacting Windows and Android devices. According to the statement from Kaspersky Lab, This Malware was created during 2014 continues to be improved to spy on people devices. Contrary to the renowned Meltdown and Spectre Virus which curbed the efficiency of a machine, this Virus steals the data files from an Android and Windows devices. Skygofree has been created for monitoring and permits a hacker to seize data files from a device and also connecting an afflicted device to Wi-Fi networks controlled by hackers.


Skygofree makes use of nearly 48 commands together with 5 various methods to obtain root access to a machine which additionally permits the hackers to get around Android security procedures. By achieving the root access of machine hackers are able to seize various data files like text messages, calendar events, device location, take images and record a video with an affected device. Skygofree carries several sophisticated functions such as reverse shelling that enable the hacker to command over the device and record Skype conversations and a keylogger. This malware is believed to be designed in such a manner that it is classified under protected applications.

As a result, Skygofree will be active and be working in the background even while the device display is off. Certain Kaspersky Labs experts also stated that the malware propagates via identical web pages of mobile network operators. They also said that the majority of Skygofree victims are from Italy, So it is possible that Skygofree may be originated from Italy itself. To avoid this malware attack we must be mindful whilst browsing the web. Avoid clicking vicious links, downloading a dubious file and only download files from trusted sources.

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