Samsung patented a new smartphone display for iPhone notch alternative

Holes will be place directly into the screen for image sensor and hardwares...

Bezel-less/borderless displays are the current trend in the smartphone industry as handsets manufacturers have already introduced several phones with thin bezels. Last year Apple launched their full-screen display iPhone X with cutouts for image sensors and front hardware. Now manufacturers are seeking solutions to overcome certain challenges that may arise while implementing zero bezel screens on their handsets. The previous week, We saw Samsung patented a handset model with a cutout. Now, it appears like they found a substitute for this design.

Recently World Intellectual Property Organization published a patent applied by Samsung Electronics on May 12, 2017. The patent entitled’Electronic apparatus shows a smartphone design that is almost 100% full screen with a hole in the display screen for hardware to reside. In concepts, this will enable Samsung to entirely remove the handset bezels bordering the screen. Based on the concept variants we observed, To create room for the sensors and the front camera holes will be placed in the display screen itself. Of course, you must keep in mind that, filling for a patent will not signify that it is actually been approved. On the other hand, it is simply a representation of contemplating alternatives and layouts of the companies.

The latest patent application reveals the handset display using more space on the phone’s front side by putting in minute holes for sensors and hardware. This will make it easy for Samsung to insert items like cameras or speakers straight into the display screen rather than in the phone’s bezels and takes the handset near to that 100 percent screen-to-body ratio. One of the renders also exhibits a cutout identical to the iPhone X and the Essential Phone. Moreover, the patent evidently suggests that the fingerprint scanner may be relocated to the front side of the handset. Chances are high for an under the screen fingerprint scanner as we previously seen it on a patent. The other possibility is that adding a small space in the display screen for a fingerprint scanner integrated home button to reside. If you want to read more about this report we also added a pdf file of Samsung patent below. We’ll keep you posted on this report.

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