Beware of chaiOS bug that may freeze and crash your iPhone

Device will freeze if you click a link containing malicious code....

Apple launched their newest version mobile operating system iOS 11 as a successor to iOS 10 at Apple’s WDC in 2017. Along with tremendous changes and features, iOS 11 also bore certain annoying bugs like the autocorrect bug and the bug that’d result in the iPhone X to get unresponsive after a steady temperature fall. Recently, one more bug named “chaiOS,” which is able to freeze and probably crash the iPhone device has been discovered by a software programmer Abraham Masri and he published it on GitHub allowing other people to share it.


Victims who tested the bug says that after the link is delivered the handset got frozen and then restarts, afterward, the Messages application won’t show any texts and will keep crashing. The hyperlink directs to a page with countless numbers of characters in their metadata. The problem is that since Message application creates a preview of links so you are able to view what you are going to visit, however, it cannot generate a preview with the chaiOS hyperlink.

The chaiOS URL Masri posted on his GitHub page is now removed, yet since his page was readily available to the public for some time, it is feasible that some people replicate that link and will continue spreading it. Masri asserted that the chaiOS bug was tried on devices like iPhone X, iPhone 5s and will impact iPhones running on iOS version 10 .0 through 11 .2 .5 beta 5. Apple has guaranteed that they will launch an upgrade to resolve the chaiOS bug a few days, If you are already afflicted with the bug problem then try to discard the thread in texts message or perform a factory restore on your handset.


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