Latest Gboard update allows users to post ridiculous GIF selfies

Currently, this update is only made available for iOS Gboard application.....

Google’s iOS and Android keyboard application, Gboard has recently released an upgrade which brings some changes to their design. In the new version of Gboard, its GIF-making option is shifted right next to the word suggestion box. This GIF-making function has been available in Gboard since September 2017, even so, it was concealed behind the emoji knob on the bottom part of the keyboard.

Now with its new dazzling button position, Users can capture GIFs using the front as well as rear side cameras. In addition, it also provides you to record in two ways, “Loop” and “Fast-Forward”. With Loop Which is actually a Boomerang allows users to record for several seconds, and “Fast-Forward” allows users to record up to a minute or so and fastens the upshot to create GIF images. Once you completed capturing, you are able to forward it to your buddies through messages. Currently, this update is only made available for iOS Gboard application and soon will be made available for the Android application.

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