Nokia Handset with Penta-lens camera allegedly on Development

Penta-lens, a camera containing five lenses and is relatively identical....

By FJM88NL CC BY-SA 4.0 via Wikimedia Commons

Today we came across a report appeared online regarding HMD Global (New owners of Nokia Mobiles) is currently focusing on developing a handset with a Penta-lens camera. Well, We have already witnessed a surprising smartphone launch from Nokia with a tremendous 41-megapixel camera about six years ago. The handset’s sensor was the biggest sensor ever to be utilized in a camera phone during its time of release. Now with a Penta-lens, they are planning to bring another stunning handset to the smartphone industry. If you’re not aware of Penta-lens, It is a camera containing five lenses and is relatively identical to the Nokia OZO camera which carries 8 lenses. Yet, in order to integrate a Penta-lens to a handset’s case, it must be reduced to its size and weight.


If you are wondering about the reliability of this report, It originates from a source acquainted with the R&D department of Foxconn. To be more precise, the report is significant as HMD is operating intimately with Foxconn to release latest Nokia handsets, therefore the partnership between the 2 firms is emphatically connected with the Finnish company. As stated by this individual who claims to have an understanding of Foxconn’s blueprints stated that, HMD has currently geared up a handset with a Penta-lens camera so as it can be reviewed. In case Foxconn gets an option for bulk production, then the handset will be introduced by end of this year.

Supposedly, the Penta-lens cam is going to include a circular form factor with 7 pockets in the center that makes a sphere. Out of Seven pockets, Five will carry the camera’s sensors, whereas rest of the pockets will hold the LED flash. We cant find any other information regarding the type of lenses that are going to be used and their functions, however, we can assure you that this camera is going to be very strong and effective like never before.

Source VIA (Chinese)

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