WIPO Patent Indicates on LG Developing a couple of Foldable Handsets

Patent shows two foldable handsets which can be converted into Tablets....

A new patent from LG has been spotted on World Intellectual Property Organization(WIPO) yesterday with design components for a foldable handset. LG has patented two kinds of foldable handsets which may compete with the suspected Samsung Galaxy X, which is assumed to be the first foldable display handset. We observed two models in the patent but with distinct designs. Once folded, the first concept design will show details such as the date and time on an outer screen, that ought to offer the dimensions of a normal handset screen. The display proportions might be lesser, considering that we are able to notice a camera at the bottom part. There are two cameras with this device, on reverse ends and the one with the flash is probably going the main camera.

The other LG handset patented is identical to the initial model, yet bears an extra component. It appears that once the handset is folded it is not going to be easy to view as a regular screen. While the handset is folded, rather than a bigger sized display like observed on the initial design, you will find merely a kind of sidebar on the outer part that may display the date and time and possibly the notifications. This is not the first time LG experimenting new technology and concepts on their handset series. They have already attempted curved screens, added displays, excision of a devoted power key, and many other tests on their smartphones which gives LG handsets a new look with radical transforms from their predecessors which indicates with each generation.

We have previously observed foldable handset patents from other companies like Samsung and ZTE. Both companies have already patented and are attempting to develop handsets with a folding display, which confirms the fact that different firms are creating these type of handsets and we can expect a market launch of these devices very soon. You can view full details and patent images from the link given below.

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