Crystal clear images of the Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus leaked online

These new images leaks was first spotted on Weibo...

While we getting nearer to the release of the Samsung Galaxy S9 series (which is considered to be occurring at MWC in February) Image leaks of these forthcoming handsets keep pouring in. Now one of these new images leaks spotted at Weibo shows the rear side of the handset with blue color hue. Rather than simply naming it blue, It is usual that Samsung named their model colors with something unique. The leaker who shared these images on Weibo asserted that this blue color variant is named as “cottage version”. Since handset makers do undergo several prototypes before they choose the perfect model, there is a possibility that these images could perhaps be fake or a rejected prototypes of the handset.

Well, these latest renders do resemble with those earlier leaks of the Galaxy S9 Plus quite perfectly. These images exhibit curved screen, along with a dual-camera system on the rear side which is identical to the camera as it was on the Galaxy Note 8 but is positioned vertically. From the images, we can observe that it is a little dense than the Galaxy S8 Plus as it may also sport a larger battery inside. Now, regrettably, we can’t observe the bottom part or the top section of the handset as the images merely show front and rear sides of the handset.

From previous hardware info leak, we know that Galaxy S9 Plus will have a 6.22-inch display screen while Galaxy S9 will sport a 5.77-inch display and the fingerprint scanner will be mounted on the backside of the devices. The Galaxy S9 Plus is believed to use dual 12 Megapixel cameras with f/1.5 and f/2.4 aperture, which also anticipated to aid slow-motion video. Samsung has affirmed that both devices are going to be launched at Mobile World Congress following month. Therefore we have to wait few more weeks to see these handsets in action.

Source Weibo

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