Japan Display Inc Working on Glass-based Fingerprint Sensor, Ships this Year

The shipping process will commence by end of this fiscal year......

Japan Display Inc(JDI) is an undertaking formed by the amalgamation of display panel divisions of Sony, Toshiba, and Hitachi. Now by developing a translucent glass-based fingerprint sensor, they are stepping into the sensor industry. At present mobile manufacturers use silicon-based fingerprint sensors on their smartphones, With the arrival of latest glass-based sensors, it is certain that silicon-based fingerprint sensors will be outdated and will get substituted. For instance, Vivo will be the first handset manufacturer to introduce a similar kind of technology as they are going to launch a smartphone with an inbuilt fingerprint scanner that uses synaptic’s sensor which is mounted between the glass and OLED panel.

Contrary to typical fingerprint sensors which are created from silicon as they are not translucent, JDI’s sensor is composed of a see-through material. It makes use of JDI’s Pixel Eyes™ solutions that enables the sensor to be crafted directly into the glass layer of the LCD surface. This sensor technology has fine-tuned in a way that it can sense the mild variations in capacitance due to the recesses of one’s fingerprints while the finger touches on the screen. The existing sensor of JDI measures 8.0mm x 8.0mm, yet the firm indicates that they are prepping to build bigger and also compact sensors which can be integrated into different handsets.

We are not going to find these sensors on models until next year as the Japan-centered company indicated that the shipping in business volumes will begin by the end of 2018 financial year. JDI’s sensor technology got upper hand over Synaptics sensors as it functions with LCD screens when compared to the Synaptics which functions merely with OLED screens. So we can expect the JDI’s sensor not only in high-end devices but also in entry-level and mid-range handsets.

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