Samsung allegedly prepping to sell Exynos processors to other handset manufacturers

Probably target mid-range handsets......

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Based on the reports from industry sources, Samsung is prepping to commence marketing of their very own Exynos smartphone chips to various other handset manufacturers so as to widen the range of their handset chip technology. The report indicated that the Samsung is going to target the mid-range sector, that is presently conquered by Qualcomm and MediaTek. Even if Samsung’s get into the mid-range handset processor business it will only do a small effect on Qualcomm’s business, since the firm got a stronghold in the flagship sector and have long-term connections with different handset manufacturers. MediaTek will have serious effects since the firm has an only minor reputation in the top end sector making it totally hooked on mid-range and entry-level sectors. Additionally, When compared to MediaTek, Samsung has got excellent branding.


At present Samsung holds the spot behind Qualcomm, Apple, and MediaTek as the 4th biggest microchip manufacturer in the international market. As soon as the firm came out victorious in the mid-range processor business, they will move to 3rd position surpassing MediaTek. With handset industry became dull in several major markets as well as the rising rivalry from Chinese participants, Samsung is seeking new profit sources. The firm furthermore programs to implement the Exynos processors in many of their mid-range handsets. Hardly any details are inclined regarding the Samsung’s microchip objectives at this moment. It is questionable if the firm is already in discussions with different handset manufacturers or when we are going to observe their Exynos processors in other company handsets. To refresh your memory, Since 2010 Samsung has been developing smartphone microchips and also launched Cortex-A8 S5PC110 processor(Exynos 3 Single) at the same time.

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