Latest leak reveals a sketch of Nokia 10 ‘rotating’ penta-lens camera build

Sketch image was spotted on Baidu...

Several days ago we posted an alleged report on HMD’s forthcoming smartphone Nokia 10, with a stunning camera build much like Lumia 1020. Now we got some leaked sketches from a reliable leakster who has been exposed loads of authentic Nokia and Lumia leaks in past. Contrary to the concept designs, Nokia 10 with integrated Penta-lens on the rear side doesn’t make a hideous appearance in its design as we thought and still resemble a dual-lens camera installation. Based on the leaked sketches, the new Nokia 10 Camera segment looks identical to Dual-image sensor setup with midst one functioning as the primary camera lens. Rest on the lenses are probably concealed within the module but will function to adjust the focal length used with the primary camera for an improved imaging treatments in various lighting conditions.




Not long ago HMD patented rotating camera technology for handsets, and in this patent, the firm points out:

“The invention relates to the miniature zoom camera which can be used especially in mobile phones. The invention is based on the object to provide the zoom camera, which realizes at a low depth in the direction of the optical axis of the optical system, sufficiently good image quality and a comparatively large zoom range“

The Nokia 10 is going to feature Fingerprint scanner under the camera section on the rear side like displayed in the leaked image. You can easily make out the build style resemblance to Nokia 9 which is also expected to include 3D glass on the rear as well as the front section of the handset. A recent leak from Weibo also suggests that Nokia 10 will be supported by Snapdragon 845 processor.

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