Teaser poster hints about Xiaomi’s latest Camera-Based Device Launch

The device will be launched on Thursday, Feb 1...

If the reports are believed to be true, On Thursday, Feb 1, Xiaomi’s Mi Home is going to introduce their 153rd crowd-funded merchandise. We hardly got any authentic details regarding the product, however, we still managed to get some tips from the advert banner and Weibo leaked contents. The new advert picture indicates that Mi Home is planning to launch a camera oriented item since a complex translation of the sentence on it carries the words “human eye” and “120 frames/second”. Additionally, the Weibo publish provides the exact phrases along with “AR” and “photos”.


Shanghai Hantu Technology (XPRINT), a leading firm in China’s Virtual Reality sector, has also been shared this same advertising picture. Their post also shows the phrases “AR technology”, “photo”, “mobile phone” and “video”. We presume that the device is a kind of lightweight printer machine that makes use of Augmented reality technology which enables users to implant a video inside the printed image. Whenever user positions their handset at the image, it will play a brief video of the scenarios towards when the image was captured. Well, we can’t give any assurance on that, to find the truth we must wait till Thursday.

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