Forthcoming Sony Xperia device with 5-inch display spotted on FCC

The handset will have 5-inch display screen with slim bezels.....

Last week we’ve spotted a Xperia handset with ID PY7-21831A which is speculated to have no 3.5mm headphone jack. Now a fresh Sony Xperia handset has gone by via the FCC with ID PY7-24118Q. We can only gather a small amount of information while checking the files, but when matched against the previous device appeared on FCC, we do observe a better standard location of the FCC ID tag. The FCC records do expose some details regarding this handset which is this forthcoming Xperia smartphone will feature a 5-inch display screen in as the outer structural framework with proportions of 135 x 65mm. So in the case, this statement is valid, it seems like this device is going to have significantly thinner top and bottom bezels, unlike older Xperia smartphones.


As a matter of fact, we’ve already witnessed a Xperia smartphone with exact display measurements, here we’re talking about an exclusive smartphone released by Sony in 2013, the Xperia UL. This handset has also featured a 5-inch FHD display screen with proportions of 135 x 71mm. Thus the newly found handset on FCC has the equivalent height of the Xperia UL but will find a way to get rid of an extra 3mm on both sides of the display screen.

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